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Packages are too inflexible and don't provide competitive differentiation, but custom-built solutions are too slow [to develop] and costly. System integrators are starting to offer next-generation pre-built solutions. - Gartner Research


xSynthesis Consulting Services are characterized with high professionalism and understanding of teamwork is a main emphasis of the training program for all of our team members.


Performance Focus

Overall system performance results from a mixture of (C) hardware and (A & B) software performance. Furthermore, software breaks up into the (A) particular application (such as xSynthesis Applications) and the (B) overall Operating System and added services performance. For more on these elements/ aspects that contribute to system performance, see the following sections.

(A) xSynthesis Software Applications Performance

It is relatively easy to have an application or a system, but assuring that it can scale as your business grows and that it can address the peak times of your business is quite another matter.

We carefully design and test our applications with high performance in mind. Also, we have long experience with web site performance and tuning, as well as Microsoft Sql Server performance and tuning. Finally, and not lastly, is desktop performance and tuning. When all of these parts are working well, you will have a system with which your customers and users will have a satisfying experience.

(B) Operating System (OS)/ Services Performance

(C) Hardware Performance

Here are some articles that you may find interesting:

Shopping for hardware?
You may like to look at the following sources:

  • - great source for computer needs, desktops, laptops, servers.
  • - vast selection of peripherals, components.
  • NewEgg - excellent source for hardware components, with excellent customer service, and online order tracking/ returns tools.
  • - resource for media needs, recordable CDs, recordable DVDs, Flash Memory, Ink/ toner.


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