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Packages are too inflexible and don't provide competitive differentiation, but custom-built solutions are too slow [to develop] and costly. System integrators are starting to offer next-generation pre-built solutions. - Gartner Research


xSynthesis Consulting Services is a Neverfail TM partner and provide Neverfail TM implementations that provide high availability to your critical web (IIS), file, database (Sql Server), email (Exchange), SharePoint, and other services.


High Availability Focus

There are two main aspects that have to be addressed in order for a system to have high-availability:

  1. increase its reliability i.e. ability to handle foreseen problems; this is a proactive work and it consists of ensuring that best practices are put in place in regards to the network, hardware, operating systems, data storage and backup and more;
  2. increase its resilience i.e. its ability to deal with unforeseen issues; this has to do with reactive work and how quickly we can handle it when unforeseen issues come up; it has to do with having redundancy in place, good monitoring system;

How is high availability addressed? It is typically addressed with replication of data, applications, and settings, as well as via clustering.

There are number of vendors that offer replication products as the solution to high availability. While these products have positive aspects, their availability capabilities are not as good, they tend to focus on data protection vs. whole application protection, their fail-over capabilities tend to be basic and often require manual intervention, applications are supported with usually complicated custom scripting.

The clustering solutions require special and expensive hardware and often times clustering versions of the operating systems and applications which tend to be more expensive. Clustering solutions, while they do well on real-time failover and availability, tend to be quite expensive and very complex.

We have selected to partner with the leader in the area of high availability, Neverfail TM, who provides a product with clustering capabilities without the cost and complexity of clustering solutions. Some of key benefits of using Neverfail TM are:

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  • clustering without the cost or complexity
  • hardware agnostic - it can work with any hardware
  • failover (unexpected) and switch-over (for server maintenance)
  • notification alerts
  • easy to configure without the need for complex scripts

For the basic architecture of the Neverfail TM products, please see the diagram above.

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For more on Neverfail products, please visit their web site.

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