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Packages are too inflexible and don't provide competitive differentiation, but custom-built solutions are too slow [to develop] and costly. System integrators are starting to offer next-generation pre-built solutions. - Gartner Research

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 Top 10 (OR SO) Utilities

You may like to consider these excellent and time savings utilities:




Top 10 (or so) Pocket PC Utilities

We carefully compiled this list of PocketPC utilities that we have found as most helpful in improving our productivity.

  1. Pocket Informant by WebIS ($29.95)
    The best and most usable upgrade to mobile Outlook. Easy to use screens for calendar, contacts management and searching.
  2. Resco Explorer by ($29.95) (see SmartPhone review)
    Excellent file manager for your PocketPC, with expandable folders, and much more: "File Explorer 2008 is a complex solution of the following modules:
    The File Manager, Recycle Bin, Today Plugin, Strong File Encryption, ZIP Compression, The built-in viewer, The Network Browser, The Registry Editor and The FTP add-in." [1]
  3. Spb Time by Spb Software House ($14.95)
    "Spb Time is an advanced, skinnable time toolbox for your Pocket PC. Analog and digital clock modes, World clock, timers and stopwatches are combined in one application. Spb Time can work as a Screen Saver when the device is connected to external power. You may comfortably use Spb Time as a desktop clock when the device is in its cradle.
    Spb Time plug-in allows you to monitor time in your favorite cities. You can also add a nice clock applet to any tab of Spb Pocket Plus. A lot of time-related functions in this world''s bestselling application!" [1]
  4. Vito Sound Explorer by Vito Technologies ($7)
    This utility gives you the capability to bookmark MP3 files, critical feature if you are listening to lots of audio books and talking/ spoken words type of MP3's: "VITO SoundExplorer is an MP3 player and audio recorder for Pocket PC that offers the most comprehensive and modern set of tools for professional and hobby use. VITO SoundExplorer turns your PDA into a universal multimedia digital dictaphone and audio player providing comfortable use and reliable mechanisms for interviewing, lecture recording, language learning and listening to music." [1]
  5. Pocket e-Sword by Rick Meyers (free)
    The best PocketPC Bible software. Search, bookmark, take notes, and use various Bible translations (many are free, some can be purchased for a small fee. Includes advanced features, such as Strong's word support with certain Bible versions, such as KJV, NASB. Excellent resource!


[1] From the respective company web site.


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