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xSynthesis Search includes features often found only in enterprise search packages, at the cost and ease of use of entry-level search engines. Use it for your publicly accessible e-commerce, membership, or marketing web site, your protected members-only content, or your intranet. 


Application Customization and Integration


Your business may be unique, such that it would be of great benefit to you to customize a particular application. That may be one of our applications, or an application from other vendors. We have great experience in application customization, such as:

  • any xSynthesis application, for example xSynthesis Search
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Microsoft Access-based applications
  • Microsoft COM, .NET applications
  • Microsoft Sql Server applications
  • Microsoft Content Management Server (MS CMS)
  • Microsoft Commerce Server


One of the greatest benefits of local networks inside companies, as well as the Internet itself is the possibility of connecting various systems to each other. By connecting your business applications, you can obtain savings in time and resources, increased efficiency in your organization, avoidance of double-work or double-entry, and much more, all of which provide tangible business improvements and costs savings. The only challenge seems to be that in integration projects can be very difficult and expensive to do. We are well aware of this and have had lots of experience in this area. Our associates have been involved with application integration for many years, and had been one of the early pioneers in the areas of SOAP, XML Web Services, and Services Oriented Architecture work, by publishing books and magazine articles on this subject. Here are some examples of integration projects that we have completed in the past:

  • xSynthesis applications (such as xSynthesis Search) with custom CRM, Microsoft Sql Server system
  • Microsoft COM/ .NET membership system with Microsoft Content Management System (MS CMS)
  • Microsoft COM/ .NET membership system with LSoft ListServ email list management software
  • Avaya Call Center with a Microsoft COM/ .NET e-Commerce system
  • Inquisite Survey Software with a Microsoft COM/ .NET Intranet system
  • BrainBench employee testing system with Microsoft COM Intranet system

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