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Packages are too inflexible and don't provide competitive differentiation, but custom-built solutions are too slow [to develop] and costly. System integrators are starting to offer next-generation pre-built solutions.* - Gartner Research

 Did you know?

xSynthesis Search includes features often found only in enterprise search packages, at the cost and ease of use of entry-level products.

Use it for your publicly accessible e-commerce, membership, or marketing web site, your protected members-only content, or your company intranet. 


xSynthesis Products

Our cost-effective products are next-generation pre-built solutions designed to extend the reach of your business.  Unlike expensive custom built solutions, our solutions are easily mapped to your existing technology, are flexible enough to make enhancements to match the specific needs of your organization within days or weeks verses months or even years.  Our speed saves you time and money. 

Our software solutions are quick and easy to implement because they are built on top of proven Internet technology standards and backend systems such as MS SQL Server. xSynthesis solutions will augment your past technology investments.

Our software solutions are built with high usability in mind, which means that there will be very little to no training needed for your employees. Our solutions take full advantage of the knowledge your employees already have about your business and their use of the World Wide Web, Microsoft? Office applications and standard email packages.

Want to know more? today for a free consultation and technology needs assessment.

* Based on various articles and resources from Gartner Inc. research, OMG (Object Management Group) Platform Independent Model Architecture, and Enterprise Architect Magazine publications.

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