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xSynthesis brings enormous value to your organization by providing you with Usable Applications, Extending Your Business® via xSynthesis products and customization & integration services.

 Did you know?

xSynthesis associates were at the forefront of the application integration field, by actively working on projects and publishing books and magazine articles on the topics of XML, Web Services back in the year 2000-2001, at the very beginning of the Web Services and Services Oriented Architectures (SOA). 


xSynthesis Products and Services

Our cost-effective products are next-generation pre-built solutions designed to extend the reach of your business.  Unlike expensive custom built solutions, our solutions are easily mapped to your existing technology, are flexible enough to make enhancements to match the specific needs of your organization within days or weeks verses months or even years.  Our speed saves you time and money. 

Our services provide you with the ability to customize our products or other products that you have within your organization, such that you gain the most advantage of the existing applications. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with application integration and can integrate different applications, helping avoid manual processes, double-entry needs, long delays and other difficulties and inefficiencies typically caused by applications that are not connected to each other.

Want to know more? today for a free consultation and technology needs assessment.

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